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  • 2012

    Humble beginnings.

    After having participated in several international MUN-experiences, Bart Sips, felt the need and decided to introduce the concept in Antwerp, which was thus far the only large student town that did not yet have a MUN. He accomplished his project with the help of student organisations EKA and CDS Antwerpen.

  • 2013

    A direct hit.

    With the help of the University of Antwerp, the Province of Antwerp and the Ministery of Foreign Affairs, the first edition was a fact. About 50 people joined the two days long simulation and word quickly spread about this new initiative.

  • 2013-2014

    The association

    After the succesful first edition of Antwerp MUN, the value of the MUN was irreplaceable. Under the initiative of our former president and co-founder, Sina Asghari, along with by Toby Joshua Fischler and Thalia Wyns, the AntwerpMUN association was created and turned into a professional non-profit organisation (vzw). The organisation got new partners, most notably Antwerp Management School, and the amount of participants rose. A real success considering the strong competition with the World MUN that year.

  • 2014-2015

    The start of the mini-MUN.

    In addition to the main MUN-event, AntwerpMUN introduced a new initiative for high school students: the High School (or mini) MUN. During this smaller simulation, high school students' interest is roused in debate and negotiating and at the same time they get to know life at university.

  • 2015-2016

    Internationalisation and continued development.

    The organisation, under the presidency of Sina Asghari, had a very strong and positive evolution. These evolutions consisted of more visibility, range wide pre-events, efficient communication. These improvements resulted in the largest edition of the MUN yet. AntwerpMUN became more acknowledged and became the biggest MUN in Belgium. It became an international player, with many participants from around the globe.

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Head of Practical Organisation

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Head of Communications & Team Content

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Head of Content

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Practical Organisation

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